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SBG Drop Ticket is the fastest way to start a life insurance application and simplify the process:

  • No client signatures are needed upfront. You can “meet” with your clients by phone to collect the short form information – a great time saver if you serve remote locations
  • The carrier will schedule the tele-interview and collect signatures. SBG will provide weekly status updates on your cases

Our drop ticket platform features our highest-demand, quality carrier partners. Some limitations may apply.

Review SBG Drop Ticket Carriers-At-A-Glance for more information:

SBG Drop Ticket Carriers-At-A-Glance

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Products Available For SBG Drop Ticket

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AG Select-a-Term, AG ROP Select-a-Term
and Secure Lifetime 3 GUL

Yes up to $1,000,000,
Ages 18-60

John Hancock Term and Term with Vitality, all single life permanent products via Paper ticket

Yes up to $500,000,
Ages 18-50; Not available in CT, HI, AK

OPTerm® Series

Yes up to $1,000,000,
Ages 18-60

All term and fixed permanent contracts


Advantage Elite Select and Secure Whole Life

Yes, up to $1,000,000,
Ages 18-50

ADDvantage Term, Custom Guarantee Universal Life, Builder IUL, Builder Plus IUL, Rapid Builder IUL, Guarantee Builder IUL

Yes, up to $1,000,000,
Ages 18-60

Term Drop Ticket – Term Only

Yes $100,000-$1,000,000,
Ages 18-45
Ages 46-60

All term and fixed permanent contracts

Yes up to $1,000,000,
Ages 18-60

All term products (except PruTerm One)

Yes up to $500k, Not available in NY and MT

Guaranteed Level Term only

Yes up to $1,000,000,
Ages 18-55

Term Life Answers only

Carrier programs change often. Please allow for discrepancies.